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Many people order wrong items such as item in a different size or color for clothing. Remember that sizes may vary for different brands and different types of clothing. If you there is possibility, try them on in a shop before ordering online. For electronics, remember that there can be many different models of a product.

There are many discounts available for coupon codes. Be sure to check coupon code sites like retailmenot, and make a google search. You can save a very good sum of money with the help of these coupons.

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There are many scams on the internet, and it’s not different for online shopping. Check feedbacks of the seller or check the reputation of site on google. Remember that ebay is not a centralized shop, everybody can sell on ebay, so do the scammers. Some sellers are selling fakes of high quality brands. If the price is implausibly low and the seller is non-reputed, the item is high probably fake. Another possibility is card or identity fraud, try to use major shopping sites instead of small sites. You can use prepaid credit cards so that you won’t be billed more than you want.

Sometimes seller makes mistakes and ship the wrong size or model of a product or a totally product. Be sure to check the item in front of the postman, so that you can file a dispute and return the item directly.