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That special evening is close and attire will be that lovely evening dress. What though, to wear with it? Thankfully, most evening dresses tend to be of a single colour. With or without sleeves, low or high neck, slightly flared or straight and slinky; at the end of the day your choice of accessories will be what ultimately make, or break, the overall look for that special occasion.

While the barefoot look may suit the few, most prefer to add a nice pair of shoes to compliment the dress. Even if the occasional glimpse of a covered foot is all that will be seen, your style of footwear still needs to compliment the dress. From Gladiator type sandals to match the Roman style stola evening dress, to pointed toes, pumps, stilettos or even boots can be worn. Footwear would be my number one evening dress accessory.

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One of the ladies favourite evening dress accessories right, lot’s of bling. Well, no actually. One or two pieces of tasteful jewellery will enhance the overall look but no more. A choker type necklace, 18” or 24” rope or braided piece or a beautiful string of pearls is all that is required for the neck. If you wish compliment this with a matching bracelet and the jewellery look is complete.

Every lady loves to carry a bag, some things need to be carried right, whether it’s just a couple of tissues to wipe that tearful eye during the speech making or to dab the lip gloss after a visit to the rest room. As with jewellery, minimum is maximum; a tiny clutch bag or small shoulder bag will suffice. Perhaps inlaid with gold, silver or pearls to compliment the jewellery and definitely not the same base colour as the dress. The dress is the centre piece, the remainder, just the evening dress accessories.